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A coalition of citizens, veterans, Hollywood icons and former elected officials uniting to support rescue efforts of US Citizens and vetted allies in Afghanistan, Ukraine and throughout the world.

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Press Conference to be held to announce the formation of “Allied Rescue Coalition” whose mission is to rescue trapped American and Allies out of Taliban controlled Afghanistan

Virtual Press Conference to be held on January 25th, 2022 will feature the following participants: Founding members James P. Bradley, Eric Olsen, and Congressman Chris Cannon (Ret.) from Utah

Media Contact:

Name:  James Bradley

Title: Media Senior Advisor or President

Phone: 949 689-5090

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January 17, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA) In an effort to support the rescue of trapped US citizens, veterans, and allies currently attempting to escape sure death in Afghanistan, a newly formed group of leaders is calling on President Joe Biden to immediately do “whatever is needed to save innocent lives in peril” in the war-torn middle east nation.

The organization called Allied Rescue Coalition, based in California, is demanding that American and worldwide leaders “unite and focus” on helping our Afghan allies.

“While many groups are focusing on moving Citizens and Green Card Holders, we are focused on the Afghans who are in immediate danger and have no one else to save them,” stated James P. Bradley who is helping to serve as Founder and President of Allied Rescue Coalition.

Working in partnership with decorated veteran Bradley is fellow Californian, Eric Olsen, who is also a West Point graduate and Army combat veteran and is co-founder and vice president of the group. In addition, former United States Representative Chris Cannon from Utah is serving as Chief Political Advisor to the organization.

The United Nations estimates there could be more than 5 MILLION Afghan refugees displaced within Afghanistan and surrounding nations facing an uncertain future.

“Through the harsh Afghan winter, lack of heat, proper clothing, food, and medical supplies are leading to one of the worst humanitarian crises in a generation. Worse still is what will happen in the spring when the Taliban seeks to solidify its rule and consolidate power through active and deliberate genocide,” said Bradley. “Anyone from ethnic, religious, gender, or social minority groups will be hunted and killed (or worse). Anyone not supporting the Taliban will be marginalized into destitution. As bad as the situation is now, it will get worse in April and May. We cannot allow this to happen, and the Allied Rescue Coalition is moving mountains to help save the lives of those trapped in subhuman conditions.” Bradley emphasized. Allied Rescue Coalition Vice President Eric Olsen stressed that the group is “working to help these Afghans in crisis right now and we have developed paths out of immediate harm’s way for Afghans, but it currently takes more than $5000 just to move a single high-risk individual.”

Former Congressman Chis Cannon from his office in Provo, Utah, stressed that “People are the backbone of a free and civilized society. Politicians in Washington DC or even at the United Nations cannot solve this problem by only working with the Taliban. We are continuing to put pressure on the US Government to improve the visa process which would reduce the time and cost of moving substantially at-risk Afghans. While many groups are focusing on moving Citizens and Green Card Holders, hundreds of thousands who don’t fall into those categories.” Bradley lamented the following, “We don’t know how many Afghans will die from the elements or starvation this winter. Even worse, we do not know how many we will be able to rescue if the Taliban becomes more aggressive and violent in the spring. We do know that the more we do now, the more innocent lives can be saved.”

Allied Rescue Coalition is asking for help in two ways so everyone can be involved in saving lives. First, donate. All donations go directly to support the efforts to save Afghan allies. Second, call your politicians at the local, state, and most importantly, the national level and tell them to start helping the Afghans we left behind.

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